Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 9 - Rainbow

So we are on the most colorful day of the challenge now... RAINBOW DAY!!!!! I was excited about this day because of all the colors but also a little confused on what I would do. Yes I could do the traditional rainbow but my painting by hand skills are not that good and my ability to be critical of my own work is very good LOL. But then if I don't do rainbows then what????  Well I got this awesome indie nail polish in the mail the other day from 365 Days of Color called Funfetti and thought hey that would be a good start to making my rainbow nails.

Funfetti is a milky white base with lots of colorful and different shaped glitter in it PERFECT for a "rainbow".  But even with the perfectness of the Funfetti I wanted to do something that was slightly like a rainbow, in comes some V shaped tip tapes for french manicures and walla you get a "rainbow" LOL.

I am very pleased with how this turned out. It was a pain to do but worth it in the end :) I only wish I could keep this Funfetti on my nails more then one day haha. I also had a mini Seche Vite sent to me with some other indie polishes I bought and now I know why soooooo many people love this top coat because now I am in LOVE!!!!! It levels everything out perfectly.

Colors used are:
  •  365 Days of Color Funfetti,
  •  Revlon Passionate Pink,
  •  Sally Hansen Sun Kissed
  •  Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow,
  •  Color Club The Lime Starts Here,
  •  Zoya Robyn
  •  Zoya Malia, and
  •  Sally Hansen Disco Ball

As always please be sure to check out the awesome Painting Outside The Lines FB page to see all the other people who are participating in the 31 day Nail Challenge :)

ALSO be sure to check out 365 Days of Color to see her polishes and make sure you purchase some lol they are definitely worth it!!!!

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