Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 14 - Flowers

So on to day 14 :) I had initially wanted to do some Betsey Johnson esque flowers but yeaaa my painting skills are lacking lol. So I opted for the nice lil dot flowers haha.

This post is going to be short and sweet simply because I just got home from work and I still need to do today's Mani for day 15 delicate pattern and make dinner and blah blah blah LOL. But it will be picture heavy as usual :)

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Colors used are
  • Essie Turquoise and Caicos
  • Essie Ballet Slippers
  • Sally Hansen White On
  • Kiss Nail Art Silver Glitter and
  • Windestine Dancing in the Rain

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 13 - Animal Print

So yesterday was Animal Print, one of my personal favorites!!!!!  I was so excited to do this mani because I knew exactly what I wanted to do :) I had a mani done last year by my nail girl that was inspired by 2 of Olivia Blois Sharpe (of Jerseylicious) manis found here and here which resulted in this Mani. 

Now I am not that great at freehand yet, although I've been practicing :), I knew that I was going to test out my new stamping plates from Konad for this Mani. I used stamping plate m57 for the leopard spots and freehanded the stripes because I wasn't pleased with how the stripes from the plates looked.

This was the first time I had ever used a stamping plate and I have to say it wasn't so bad, it was fairly easy once I found a good black polish to use!!!! 

Colors used are
  • Sinful Colors Neon Melon
  • Sinful Colors Summer Peach
  • Sinful Colors Fusion Neon (used over SC Pink)
  • Color Club The Lime Starts Here
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear In the Spotlight
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball
  • Sally Hansen Salon Black Patent
  • Revlon Stunning
  • Stripe Rite Neon Green
  • Stripe Rite Neon Orange
  • Stripe Rite Neon Pink
  • Kiss Nail Art Silver Glitter

I am really happy with how it turned out :) I did it a little different then my first mani to make it kinda my own!!! I am really enjoying the 31 Day Nail Challenge so far :)

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 12 - Stripes

On to day 12 :) I decided that I wanted to do something different then horizontal or vertical stripes, so in came my little nail tapes that you use for french tips. I got them in a set with 3 Kiss nail polishes, it actually came with 2 different kinds of tapes, regular and pointed ones like this set shown here. 

I used some to do chevron stripes and them cut some of the stickers in half and made random designs. I started off with a base coat of, surprise another indie polish lol, Sweetener by Windestine.  I am absolutely in love with Windestines formula I have at least 6 or more of their polishes and have yet to dislike one!!!! I love them all!!! The formula goes on smoothly for me and depending on which one you are using some cover nicely in one coat.

However for this Mani I used 3 coats of Sweetener, even though it was pretty good at 2 coats, I knew I was going to cover it with another polish so I wanted to make sure it came thru extra sparkly :).
Colors Used are
  • Color Club He Loves Me, and
  • Windestine Sweetener
I am really happy with how this turned out. I'm not sure if my random designs would be considered "stripes" but oh well I dig the Mani and kinda wish I could keep it for a few more days lol. But on to Animal Print!!!!!

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XOXO...... Liz

Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 11 - Polka Dots

So I made it to the second part of the Nail challenge.... the PATTERNS!!!!!

I'm so excited for this part of the challenge :) I'm just excited period lol!!!! I love polka dot Mani's and was happy to get to this part. My only dilemma was to choose my colors?!?!?!?!

In comes another new Indie Polish. This one is from Lush Lacquer called Dreamsicle. It is a pretty light blue base that covers nicely after two coats. There are blue and silver holo glitters in it as well which just puts the icing on the cake....or in this case the GLITTER on your nails ;) 

I was in love with this polish in the bottle but as soon as I put it on my nails it went to a whole new kind of love. There just seems to be  many layers of depth to this polish once on your nails!!!! I can not say enough about this polish or stop looking at it!!!! So please be sure to check out their Etsy Shop to see all their awesome polishes!!!

I also used Zoya Robyn and Sinful Colors Snow Me White to complete the look. I rather like how this Mani turned out. I wanted to do something I hadn't worn before and I don't think I have ever used polka dots over glitter or just focused solely on polka dots for a Mani so I was happy with the outcome.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 10 - Gradient

It's day 10 and up for today is gradient..... and let me just say.... Grrrrrrrrrrrr...... This was the most annoying, most time consuming Mani yet!!!!!!!!!  I had initially wanted to do white to black nails and my thumb would have been black with white and gray dots done in horizontal lines. BUT as I was looking at the other pics I noticed everyone was doing the "sponging" effect for the nails. So I thought what the heck I will give it a try with my white, greys, and black nail polishes...EPIC FAIL!!!! Maybe it was too many colors for my short nubs of nails... all I know is it was not pretty sponging at ALL!!!

So again I was inspired by an indie polish I bought called Dream On by GlitterFest Nail Polish. This glitter polish is so pretty it is packed full of tiny glitter with  Blue, Turquoise, purple-ish pink (lol) Its just an all around awesome paint!!!

So with that polish in hand I grabbed a pink, bluish turquoise and a greenish turquoise and went to sponging!!! I really don't like this whole gradient thing lol it just isn't blending the way I want them to but this color combo turned out soooooo much better then the black, greys, and whites sponging I did!!!!

The colors I used are :
  • Zoya Kiki,
  • Sinful Colors Love Nails,
  • Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus, and
  • GlitterFest Dream On

As always be sure to check out the awesome Painting Outside The Lines FB to see all the other awesome Mani's being posted :) And while you are at it on FB check out GlitterFest Polish.

XOXO..... Liz

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 9 - Rainbow

So we are on the most colorful day of the challenge now... RAINBOW DAY!!!!! I was excited about this day because of all the colors but also a little confused on what I would do. Yes I could do the traditional rainbow but my painting by hand skills are not that good and my ability to be critical of my own work is very good LOL. But then if I don't do rainbows then what????  Well I got this awesome indie nail polish in the mail the other day from 365 Days of Color called Funfetti and thought hey that would be a good start to making my rainbow nails.

Funfetti is a milky white base with lots of colorful and different shaped glitter in it PERFECT for a "rainbow".  But even with the perfectness of the Funfetti I wanted to do something that was slightly like a rainbow, in comes some V shaped tip tapes for french manicures and walla you get a "rainbow" LOL.

I am very pleased with how this turned out. It was a pain to do but worth it in the end :) I only wish I could keep this Funfetti on my nails more then one day haha. I also had a mini Seche Vite sent to me with some other indie polishes I bought and now I know why soooooo many people love this top coat because now I am in LOVE!!!!! It levels everything out perfectly.

Colors used are:
  •  365 Days of Color Funfetti,
  •  Revlon Passionate Pink,
  •  Sally Hansen Sun Kissed
  •  Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow,
  •  Color Club The Lime Starts Here,
  •  Zoya Robyn
  •  Zoya Malia, and
  •  Sally Hansen Disco Ball

As always please be sure to check out the awesome Painting Outside The Lines FB page to see all the other people who are participating in the 31 day Nail Challenge :)

ALSO be sure to check out 365 Days of Color to see her polishes and make sure you purchase some lol they are definitely worth it!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 8 - Metallic

Yayyy I made it to day 1 of the second week LOL. Today is Day 8 - Metallic... and I was for sure that I had plenty of metallic nail polish... WRONG LOL. I had 2 the Orly I used in this Mani and a silver from Sinful Colors.... and I don't feel good so going to the store for the chance to buy more nail polishes was out of the question :(  Then as I was staring at my polishes for an inspiration to come to me for today's Mani and I saw my Hunger Games Nail Polish mini collection and remembered that those would pass for metallic :) So then I decided to try the needle marble method on my Mani today...... This is how it turned out.....

Colors used:
  • Orly It's not Rocket Science,
  • China Glaze Argo, and
  • China Glaze Fast Track (both from the Hunger Games collection)

So this is not my best work but I feel like the green nail polish so I guess it's fitting lol :(

So I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow because this not feeling good is effecting my "UmmPHHH" to enjoy this challenge!!!

As always please be sure to check out Painting Outside The Lines FB page to check out all the other Mani's in this challenge..... there are some really awesome Mani's going on over there :D

Day 7 - Black & White

Day 7 - Black & WhiteI made it a whole week!!! So excited, I know this Post will be a day late but I did get my mani posted yesterday.... I have just been feeling yucky (still do). Anywhoooo I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.... I am trying not to do other things that are listed as a mani later on and with not feeling good my brain wasn't cooperating with me LOL. So I went out to my paints to get started and I was looking for an idea to pop up when I saw my bottle of Asbestos by Windestine. And I knew that I had to use that, I had been wanting to swatch it since I got it in the mail but hadn't had a chance with starting this challenge :)

Colors used are
  • Orly Liquid Vinyl
  • Windestine Asbestos
I am really pleased how this mani turned out!!! It just looks really cool with the tiny tiny tinyyy white glitter squares over the black :)  Asbestos has to be the coolest glitter I've tried so far!!!  It covered nicely in one coat but for this look I used 2 coats. I just love it so much I can't stop looking at it lol.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 6 - Violet

I didn't do much with my nails today because I love this color purple sooo much I don't think it needs anything else except maybe a lil glitter nail haha :).... Hydrangeas from Windestine is such a pretty glitter with GREAT coverage in one coat how could it not be pretty!!!! I am so in love with all the polishes I bought from her its crazy!!! I even had to purchase more LOL. Anyway Hydrangeas has purple, green, and kind of a bronze/gold glitters all just mixed in together making the perfect match for the purple I chose... just wish my pictures did it justice :)

Colors used are
  • Essie Play Date, and
  • Windestine Hydrangeas :)

Okay so I tried to get a good picture of the glitter but my camera isnt doing a good job of that and I'm feeling a little under the weather today so I didn't feel like fussing with getting the perfect shot :(
I will try and take more pictures tomorrow before I take it off :)

Update extra pictures

Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 5 - Blue

Today is Blue day :) I knew the moment I saw these nails on Sincerely Stephanie's  blog post that I had to recreate them and I thought either Green or Blue day in my challenge would be perfect!!! Well despite the fact that my favorite color is Green I actually have more blue polishes :) So I decided to do this mani with my many option of blue polishes. (and those pictured above are not all of my blues either lol)

I was sooo excited to try and recreate her mani.... and when I first saw her mani I had gel nails but now that I have nubs I wasn't thinking LOL oh well even thou my nails are nubs I am actually really pleased with how this mani turned out :)

Even managed to get it done while there was some sunlight outside still :) It really looked good when the sun light hit all the different glitters :) I'm sorry my pics aren't really that great of quality but you gotta work with what you got LOL!!!

Colors used are Revlon Blue Lagoon, Revlon Radiant, Zoya Maisie, Zoya Noel, Nicole by OPI A Million Sparkles, Sinful Colors Love Nails, Essie Aruba Blue ANNNDDDD Windestine Dancing in the Rain (which I think is one of my FAVORITE indie polishes)!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 4 - Green

On to day 4 :) and its one of my favorite colors!!!! And yet as I was going through my nail polishes I noticed I didn't have quite enough green polishes to do the look I had wanted to.  So as I'm trying to think of what to do I get on FB and my sister had posted a Care Bear picture on my page and my mom was like "Hey... you should paint your fav care bear (Good Luck Bear) for Green Day!!!!" LOL so this is what I came up with :)

 The colors I used are Julep Leah, Essie Pretty Edgy, Sinful Colors Snow me White, Sally Hansen Diamonds & Rubies and Kiss Artist Black (no name).

Okay guys sooo I'm getting excited the closer we get to the other days lol. Don't forget to check out Painting Outside The Lines FB page to see all the others who are participating in the 31 Day Challenge :)