Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hanna's Evans Scarlett & Jo Giveaway

So I have something different to post today..... As well as my love/obsession for all things makeup and Polish related, I am obsessed with Fashion!!! I have recently (well last year) found some lovely ladies with blogs geared towards fashion, not just any fashion but PLUS sized fashion!!! (Links to their pages at the end of post) Through their posts and style ideas it has given me more faith in the fact that, yeah I may be plus sized but I can still rock those green skinny leg jeans, or that cute dress with the bird print.... or whatever I choose to wear!!! From reading their blog posts I have stepped outside of my comfort zones or thoughts of fashion and it has been... AWESOME!!!

NOW.... on to the reason for this blog post, one of the ladies that I follow has come to an Anniversary on her blog and is having a few giveaways. And well the one I'm posting about happens to be giving you 100 (euro) gift-voucher for the Evans Scarlett & Jo Collection!!! I know (have looked at) about this site from reading the ladies blog post but have yet to purchase anything from them. So of course I had to enter Hanna's Giveaway from The Wardrobe Challenge.

So in order to enter this giveaway you have to style an outfit on Polyvore, using one of the pieces from the Scarlett & Jo Collection, found here.  You need to also share your outfit with her and tell her where you might wear it to.

Night Out

Night Out by lizgreen-79 featuring h&m

I chose the Animal Print Lace Yolk top, I paired it with dark skinny leg jeans and a red jacket. For the rest, I chose a pair of Sam Edelman shoes, a purse with a British Flag (kind of a nod to Hanna & Evans), some blue accents with the necklace, bracelet and ring. I also picked a spiked ring and studded mani to tie into the shoes. For hair, a messy updo and for makeup a simple cat eye with red lips.

So I'm thinking this would be a good outfit for a night out with the girls or that special someone. What do you think of my styling??? Would you wear this???

Hope you enjoyed this post :)
XOXO...... Liz :)

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