Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 10 - Gradient

It's day 10 and up for today is gradient..... and let me just say.... Grrrrrrrrrrrr...... This was the most annoying, most time consuming Mani yet!!!!!!!!!  I had initially wanted to do white to black nails and my thumb would have been black with white and gray dots done in horizontal lines. BUT as I was looking at the other pics I noticed everyone was doing the "sponging" effect for the nails. So I thought what the heck I will give it a try with my white, greys, and black nail polishes...EPIC FAIL!!!! Maybe it was too many colors for my short nubs of nails... all I know is it was not pretty sponging at ALL!!!

So again I was inspired by an indie polish I bought called Dream On by GlitterFest Nail Polish. This glitter polish is so pretty it is packed full of tiny glitter with  Blue, Turquoise, purple-ish pink (lol) Its just an all around awesome paint!!!

So with that polish in hand I grabbed a pink, bluish turquoise and a greenish turquoise and went to sponging!!! I really don't like this whole gradient thing lol it just isn't blending the way I want them to but this color combo turned out soooooo much better then the black, greys, and whites sponging I did!!!!

The colors I used are :
  • Zoya Kiki,
  • Sinful Colors Love Nails,
  • Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus, and
  • GlitterFest Dream On

As always be sure to check out the awesome Painting Outside The Lines FB to see all the other awesome Mani's being posted :) And while you are at it on FB check out GlitterFest Polish.

XOXO..... Liz

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