Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Day 29 - Inspired by Supernatural

Almost done!!!! Day 29 is inspired by the Supernatural and while I thought Tribal day was my worst day... I'm thinking this was worse. I'm not sure if it was because monday was a typically bad day, I was frustrated with my painting skills or I just didnt like this day LOL.  

I started out by searching for whats considered Supernatural beings because I had already seen a LOT of ghosts submitted and vampires so I wanted something different. My first find and what I really wanted to do, but lacked the skill to paint it, was The Green Man . Then I went on to try and paint werewolves, HAHAHAHA, I can totally picture what it should look like in my head it just doesn't come out that way on my nails lol. So I chose to do the little Green men..... Aliens.

Colors used are
  • Zoya Raven,
  • Essie Pretty Edgy,
  • Sinful Colors Neon Melon and
  • Sinful COlors Irish Green
I started with the Zoya, did the aliens with Essie and then mixed together the sinful colors to make it a brighter green.

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XOXO..... Liz :)


  1. I just started following your blog, lovely blog! Very interesting design, love alieans haha!
    follow back please:)
    thank you x

    1. LOL Thank you so much!!!!! I will def go follow your blog <3 Thanks for the support :)