Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 24 - Inspired by a Book

Day 24 - Inspired by a book, I decided to go with Marked, to be different,  because my first and second choices of Twilight series or Hunger Game Series were already done more then once :)

I love the House of Night series <3 There are 10 Books I believe right now and a Fledgling Handbook 101. There are also 2 Novellas that go along with the series too. To check out the series and all that it entails check out the House of Night Series webpage

The black nails are supposed to look like the book cover with matte and then shiny symbols over it. So I painted my nails black, then layered the NYC Matte over it, then used the Black again with the stamps :) The other 2 nails are the blue markings they get and the red markings the others get :)

Colors used are :
  • Essie Mesmerize,
  • Loreal Lady Luck,
  • Sally Hansen Black Out,
  • Julep Alyson, and
  • NYC Matte Me Crazy top coat :)

As always please be sure to follow Painting Outside The Lines FB page to see all the other AWESOME participants photos and while you are there be sure to like her page!!!!!

XOXO..... Liz

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