Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 17 - Glitter

Yayyyy!!!! We are on one of my favorite days... GLITTER!!!!!! LOL And FAIR WARNING I have lots of pictures and a lot to say lol!!! I love glitter polish so much because its just so damn pretty :)!!!!! Therefore I couldn't decide on just one I had to show a couple.

First up is a Mani using the Awesome Windestine  glitter polish Pansies over Sinful colors Lets Talk. I just love windestine polishes I can not say enough about it to express how much I do.

They have awesome coverage, go on smoothly, and no FISHING for glitter because they are packed just right with loads of glitter!!!!!! You could do one coat of any of the ones I have in my polish collection and be very pleased with their coverage!!!!

I just love Pansies it is the perfect mix of purple and gold glitter, I just wish my camera (or my ability to take pictures) took better pictures because like all the Mani's in this post I don't feel the picture fully captures the color and awesomeness correctly!!!!

Second is a Mani using Nail Venturous Lacquer Hidden Potential and Nicole by OPI A Million Sparkles. I'm disappointed that you can't really see how awesome the OPI colors are in this picture.

I love the polish from NVL its more of an off white color not beige but not white and works well with my skin tone because its not too harsh of a white color.

And the glitter is tiny looks to me like turquoise and some pinks and/or golds in there and when you paint it on, it is NOT gritty feeling, love that!!!!

The third Mani, which I think is my favorite out of the three, is using a new indie polish of mine from Paris Sparkles Nail Polish  called Election Day, which is a nice white with blue and red glitter swirled in. I do love the colors but I did have to fish for some glitters but I think that was because I had just received them and all the glitter was in one spot. I really tried to shake it as much as I could but I was impatient and just wanted to get these Mani's done so I could take pictures and move on to the the next :).  

Then on my other nails is Essie Mesmerize  with Windestine Spica over it :).  Once again Windestine has made me fall in love with her polish!!!!! This is a blue jelly based nail polish with all kinda shapes of glitter!!! Hexes, Half Moons, Slice, tiny tiny tiny hexes??? lol There is light blue, silver and holos in it!!! It would be awesome by itself and most likely be opaque in 3 to 4 coats but I only have a mini bottle so I didn't want to waste it so this is 1 to 2 coats of it over the other blue.

Well I had fun with Glitter Day :) as always please be sure to check out Painting Outside The Lines FB page to see the others participating and to show her some much deserved LOVE!!!!
XOXOXO..... Liz

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