Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 27 - Inspired by Art

Day 27 - Inspired by Art..... So I love art but I'm so not an aficionado on the subject. I love to paint ceramics, but that's as far as my skill level falls. My Aunt on the other hand is extremely talented she just doesn't see it!!!!

 I love things are different, have color and speak to me. What those things are I couldn't tell you because my taste range goes from here to there and back again LOL. So today I decided I would google abstract art and found this picture in the second row of my search and I was done looking!!!!  I was in love with this piece called Rise of the Amaryllis by Olga Kaydanov :)

Colors used :
  • Essie Sand Tropez,
  • Sally Hansen Black Out,
  • Sally Hansen White On,
  • Sally Hansen Lickety-Split Lime, and
  •  Zoya Zuza!!!

Link to her WS,,  there are more in this collection that are just as awesome.

As always please be sure to follow Painting Outside The Lines FB page to see all the other AWESOME participants photos and while you are there be sure to like her page!!!!!

XOXO....... Liz :)

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