Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Day 6 Gifts

Wow I can't believe we are at the half way point!!! December is flying by.... and I have yet to shop yet :/ Mainly cuz I was waiting to get paid, but slightly because I procrastinate!!! HAHA

So today is day 6, gifts..... Now I had grand, GRAND I TELL YOU, ideas of how this was going to look :/ Soooo did not turn out what I had pictured in my head :(  but I do like them. I had initially tried the whole package look with the bow but my bows looked sad and it covered up the cool looking stamp design.

So I just went with the one "gift" nail and the rest is supposed to be Christmas gift wrapping paper :) I hope you like it!!!

The middle finger is red, not pink like it shows in some of the pictures.... again I need to brush up on photography skills, if I keep blogging :) Cuz my pictures are okay, but some of the pictures of the other nails in the challenge are just awesome!!! I wish I was more savvy with the camera and such... oh wells it is late and I must sleep to brave the crowds tomorrow!!! LOL

Colors used are:
  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Essie Pretty Edgy
  • Sally Hansen Diamonds & Rubies
  • Color Club Disco Nap
  • Art Deco Black
  • Kiss Nail Art Silver Glitter
  • Stamping plates used are: DRK-A & DRK-B

As always make sure to check out the lovely lady's that are hosting this Nail Art Challenge for us all, Kristine @ Pink & Polished and Lorene @ Over Polished Nails :) Cant wait to see what the others came up with.... you should go check theirs out too!!!

XOXO...... Liz :) ;