Sunday, December 9, 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Day 4 Snowmen

We are already on to day 4.... Seems like this month is going by so fast...typical since I have yet to do ANY Christmas shopping!!!! Well I really really loved my Candy Cane mani, so much so that I actually free hand painted my right hand with my left (non-talented) hand!!! I will post a pic at the end of this so you can see :)

Anywayyyy I talked my mom into letting me paint her nails :) I decided to do kinda nontraditional colors, because by the time I started painting her nails I had seen quite a few that were in the blue hues so I wanted to be different :) Hey I'm a redhead I've always been different LOL


I found this cute snowmen tutorial on YouTube which I didn't do as good but I think they turned out pretty cute!! My mom was happy with them anyway.... I asked her if she was going to keep them on for ever and ever HAHA!!! I'm just glad she was a good sport and let me paint her nails, even thou it was slightly awkward taking the pictures with my make shift set up..... Thinking of trying to get my sister to let me paint hers for the next challenge....that's how much I dig my candy canes :)

Colors used are:
  • Zoya Lo
  • Zoya Raven
  • Essie Orange, It's Obvious
  • Essie Play Date
  • Essie Mesmerize
  • Essie Navigate Her
  • Essie Pretty Edgy
  • Revlon Blue Lagoon
  • Sinful Colors Snow Me White
  • Julep Vanessa
  • Color Club...ummm Flaky Glitter haha there's no name on it, go it at Ross :)
As usual I'm late in posting this :/ but I hope everyone is enjoying this challenge as much as I am and their weekend!!! Also be sure to check out the lovely girls who created this challenge for us, Kristine @ Pink & Polished and Lorene @ Over Polished Nails!!!!!

And as promised..... my attempt at recreating my candy canes on my right hand :)

XOXO...... Liz :) ;


  1. OMG these are adorable!!! You are so talented!! And I love the non traditional colors :D

    1. Awwww Thank you soooo very much!!! I wasn't sure at first but once complete I liked the pink background :)

  2. I love the pink background and the snowmen are so cute!

  3. your mom now have such a cute manicure, love it :D
    your right hand with candy canes is absolutely awesome, just like your left ;)

  4. Awww..this mani is so cute! Love the colors used and the design. You did a great job on this! Keep it up!

  5. Very cute! I like the pink background!

  6. THat snowman is simply too cute for words lol following GFC :) xo