Monday, March 19, 2012

Coastal Scents

            Coastal Scents recently had a special for St. Patricks day (which I belive they still have up). The set includes 8 pigments, 6 green shades and 2 gold shades, and 2 empty quad palettes. I also purchased 2 seperate hot pots in Cloud White and Nude. All the eyeshadows are highly pigmented, smooth, with little to no fall out.

  First up are, colors clockwise, Soft Clover, Prehistoric Green, Pale Green Tea and Olive.

 Second up is, colors clockwise, Jewel Teal, Fairy Gold, Jewel Green, and Midas Gold.

 Cloud White (Matte) and Nude (Shimmer)


         I am very pleased with this purchase. The colors are beautiful and highly pigmented and blend well. I would totally recommend checking out Coastal Scents. They have much much much more then just eyeshadows, they also carry lip glosses, foundation, a mineral line, bath and body.... the list goes on!!!!!  And it is all affordable!!!!!

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