Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spoiled..... Not me... The CVS Nail Polishes :)

      So I found these little jewels at CVS. For $1.99 each, how could I pass them up!!!! I naturally gravitated towards the pinks and purples because those colors always seem to catch my eye. But realistically I have ENOUGH pinks, well I mean you can never really have enough. Anyway I wanted to step out of my box and buy some colors I wouldn't normally try. So these are the onesI chose.... and of course I had topick up some glitters :)

        Colors from left to right... Trust Fund Baby, Toad-ally Amazing, Black Mamba, Lets Get Sushi and Shuffle the Deck.

     I will start with the three colors then the glitters :)  (Forgive my yucky pics... Not sure if its me or the camera LOL)

Lets Get Sushi

                 This is 2 coats of Let's Get Sushi.... sorry the picture is kinda blurry..... I didnt think I would like this once out of the bottle but I actually LOVE this color.... its a very bright orange.... very spring/summery :)

Toad-ally Amazing
           This is 2 coats of Toad-ally Amazing.... which the name says it all I really loved this color too!!!! It sorta reminded me of a darker Essies "Turquoise & Caicos" only with a slight shimmer added to it!!!!

Black Mamba
          This is 2 coats of Black Mamba.... I was looking for a Gunmetal colored nail polish to add to my collection and this was it and sooo much more :) the pic doesnt do it justice :(

Okay now for the Glitters, first up is Trust Fund Baby
     Left to right.... 1 coat of  TFB, 2 coats of TFB, 2 coats of TFB over Orly Liquid Vinyl, 2 coats of TFB over Color Club Raspberry Rush?? (theres no name on the bottle), and 2 coats of TFB over Sinful Colors Love Nails.

Sinful Colors Love Nails, Color Club Raspberry Rush, TFB, Orly Liquid Vinyl

Next up is Shuffle The Deck
(Again sorry for the poor quality Pic)
       Left to Right... 2 coats of STD over Sally Hansens Diamonds & Rubies, 2 coats of STD over Orly Liquid Vinyl, 2 coats of STD and 1 coat of STD.

  Sally Hansens Diamonds & Rubies, Orly Liquid Vinyl, Shuffle The Deck

       Okay so that is all the colors I picked up from CVS Spoiled line. There were many more that I want!!!! And I really liked the formula and wide brush it comes with. I would recommend if your nails have ridges or bumps to start with a ridge filler. I put the Lets get Sushi on my toes and would totally recommend using a ridge filler. But other then that for $1.99 each I think they are well worth it. However, the glitters were really not my favorite :( They went on sparingly and I had to build up the glitter and it just got clumpy but again for the price I think they are worth it if you want fun glitters. So go to CVS and check them out or go here to to look at there color selection and buy online.

Happy Blogging Everyone :)

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