Wednesday, January 18, 2012

MyGlam January Bag :)

         So I was finally able to sign up for MyGlam (MyGlam)..... I missed out on their first bag :(  I was sooooo excited to receive my first one though!!!! I waited patiently by my mail box..... okay well maybe not right next to it but you get the drift :)  I was super excited to open it 1) because I love makeup / beauty and anything that entails so when I can pay 10 bucks a month for samples on items I may not have tried before or want to spend the money on because I'm not sure if its worth it... I'm all in!!! and 2) I knew that a sample of Wen hair products was going to be in it (WEN) and I have been wanting to try it for forever!!!

        So yea I used it as soon as I opened my bag and I LOVE IT!!!!! can't wait to purchase the full size products.  My hair is coarse, thick and frizzy... I let my hair air dry and to my surprise I had little to no frizz and that's very unusual for my hair :)  Next day it is still soft, shiny and I curled my hair and it stayed wavy and bouncy ALL DAY without any hairspray!!!!!!!

        Okay so on to the other products.... trying to keep this short haha.....

         This is a FULL SIZE sample of the Freeman Facial Peel off Mask in Cucumber (Freeman).... I used this and I liked it. It smells amazing and made me skin feel really soft. Only thing is I don't think I let it dry long enough because I had to wash some of it off where it wouldn't peel off :/  other then that great product.

       Next is a sample of Sheer Cover concealer in light/medium (sheercover). I used that today as my concealer and under my eyes and I didn't feel the need to retouch it as I do with my other concealers. All in all I think this is a good product just a tad dark on me. And I think if I had dark spots I needed to cover or red acne spots I'm not too sure if it would cover those. So if you need a major concealer to cover stuff like that not sure if it would cover those, but for minimal stuff it worked wonders :)

        Last but not least is a nail polish by the Balm Hot Ticket in the color "Call Me Iridescent" (thebalm). Now I have good and bad about this polish.... but the bad is just my own personal opinion of not liking the color on my own nails :(  It looks pretty in the bottle though kind of a pinky/peach cotton candy color with glitter in it. I think it would look good on someone who isn't as pale as me haha!!!! However it is a good quality nail polish, it went on smooth and quite opaque on the first coat and it dried rather quickly.... I did however use two coats so I could get the full effect of the color... just upset it doesn't look good on me :/

      Any how..... I was very pleased with my first bag from MyGlam and can't wait to receive my next!!!!!


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