Monday, January 23, 2012

Homemade Ombreee

       So I have seen so many posts and pictures on Ombre nails that I had to try it!!!! But first I had to decide what color to do it in..... decisions... decisionsss.... decisionssss.... the most logical one to make taking in my nail color collection would have been to do PINK!!!! BUT I wasn't in a pink mood... I was in a BLUE mood...... only problem I don't have enough blues to make this look so what do I do??!!??!!??!!  MAKE MY OWN LOL

This is how I achieved my Ombre look:

      Orly in :Liquid Vinyl" , Essie in "Aruba Blue" and SinFUL COLORS in "Snow Me White".  

      I chose The Essie blue because I absolutely LOVE this blue!!!!!  First I decided that I wanted two darker shades of the original blue and two lighter shades. Then I took a paper plate and mixed the Aruba Blue with the Liquid Vinyl twice to achieve the two darker shades. And then I mixed the Snow Me White with the Aruba Blue to achieve the two lighter shades. (I mixed them with toothpicks and used a nail polish brush from a clear nail polish of mine that was empty).

        This is how it turned out:

      Hope you enjoy!!!! Sorry that my photography skills are lack luster..... lol..... will work on that :)

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  1. Very pretty ombre nail look. It's cool and resourceful how you made the color gradient work with three colors. :)

    1. Awwww Thank you :)..... You're my 1st real comment haha my sister was the other one LOL :D